LES Silicon Valley Chapter Hosting Dialogue Session with High Level Chinese Government Delegation

LES Silicon Valley Chapter will be hosting a roundtable discussion on US-China licensing issues as part of the USPTO’s efforts to improve IP dialog and understanding between our two countries. The event is part of the Delegations visit to the United States and the USPTO office of Policy and International Affair.

The goal of the roundtable discussion is to exchange information and ideas with Chinese leaders on the importance of IP to innovation, why we in the US favor a more market oriented approach to innovation as opposed to one in which the government plays a big role. Our LES member audience will have the unprecedented opportunity to engage high level Chinese government officials who know their IP system, ask them IP related questions and discuss issues regarding China’s IP and innovation policies.

Directors and Commissioners from the following Chinese government agencies will be in attendance:

Department of Treaty and Law, SIPO (State Intellectual Property Office)
Department of Treaty and Law (Ministry of Commerce)
Department of High Technology (State Council Legislative Affair Office)
Department of Technology, MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology)
Department of Policy and Law, MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology)
National Natural Science Foundation (Project Bureau)
China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS)
Department of Goods and Service Tax

Soody Tronson, LES-SVC Chapter Chairwoman.