IP for Non-IP attorneys: Spotting and Dealing With IP Issues When Advising Clients

The Palo Alto Area Bar Association is pleased to announce IP for Non-IP Attorneys: Spotting and Dealing with IP Issues When Advising Clients, presented by Soody Tronson founder of STLGip.

Date: January, 27th 2015 11:30 am – 1:30 pm

IP is an umbrella term that defines a number of (often) interrelated doctrines of law, including: “THE BIG FOUR” – patent, copyright, trademark, copyright, and trade secret.

More broadly, it includes: Unfair completion law, false advertising law, rights of publicity, computer and Internet law, moral rights.

IP, almost always, will need to be considered, whether during entity formation, negotiating licensing agreements, ownership and assignment of IP, defining and considering community property, litigation, acquisition, creating a website (e.g., COPPA, DMCA, FTC, TOS), or entering a new market.

Join the Palo Alto Area Bar Association for an interactive session on various forms of intellectual property and how to identify IP assets, spot IP related issues, and integrate the relevant IP strategy when advising clients.