Jeff Limon

Jeff Limon

Jeff is an experienced senior patent agent with over 12 years of patent prosecution, patent development, and patent portfolio management in both large corporate and startup company environments. Most recently, Jeff was a patent development specialist at NuScale Power. Prior to NuScale, Jeff was a senior patent agent at Hewlett-Packard and a patent agent at Motorola.

At Hewlett-Packard and Motorola, Jeff wrote and prosecuted patent applications for mobile computing inventions, electrical circuits, systems and software, and image processing devices. He conducted periodic reviews of patent portfolios to determine those patents likely to provide value to the company and those patents not likely to represent significant value. At NuScale Power, Jeff focused on patent development for the company’s emergent modular nuclear reactor business.

Prior to beginning his legal career, Jeff obtained broad and deep engineering experience as a systems engineer at Motorola and as a communications engineer in the military aircraft industry.

Jeff has a BS in Electrical Engineering from UCLA and an MS in Microwave Engineering from Arizona State University.