Our Advantage

Operational | We represent businesses which means we need to understand how businesses operate. Our team combines its expertise in IP law with its general legal practice. All members of our team have operational experience, that is, we have worked as members of technical staff or business managers in their past careers. With its in-depth operational experience, our team is well accustomed to real-life challenges facing emerging as well as mature companies.

Practical | A brilliant discovery must be capable of being put into practice in order to be commercialized. We look at each project and engagement with the view toward its business goals.

Value Added | For us, operational excellence matters for every engagement. We provided sound strategies and services from a lean prospective, utilizing our combined legal, technical, operational expertise, and consultative approach. Our  goal is doing the best in most efficient manner with highest quality.

Network | We are small, agile, and have a great reach, both domestically and internationally, as well as the flexibility to act swiftly. We have been engaged by many international entities including private companies, governments, universities.

Community | We support and advocate a balanced life by contributing to our professional and social communities. We are actively involved in and supports non-profit organizations and institutions, both professional and civic. We take pride in minimizing our environmental impact and footprint and are practically a paperless law firm, using digital file management whenever possible. We support and encourage our team to work from home and attend business events and meetings, in person, as needed.

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